Intervalue is a global search firm based in Tokyo. With a staff who's experience and expertise are rival to that of the competition, Intervalue gathers talented candidates by using the most effective and beneficial headhunting methods. Our advantages amongst the competitions are our professional methods and consultants. Our consultants are highly experienced and have a deep network in each industry. We can navigate your business to succeed through our expert recruiting techniques.

Swiftness, responsibility, and carefulness...these words best describe Intervalue's mission statement.  Intervalue gives both clients and candidates utmost priority, value, and contributes to them in a most effective manner through our expert recruiting techniques.

・Consulting / Listen to the detail requests thoroughly, understand, and prioritize the requests.
・Our Network / Acquire the prominent information of professional business persons through our network.
・Professional Method/ Headhunting appropriate candidates and screen with our professional methods.

Provide search services with;

・Contingency base
・Retainer base
・Exclusive requests
・Team (group) hunting
・Industry mapping service

Intervalue focuses primarily on executive level candidates. In most cases, we concentrate on candidates in upper management rather than middle management.

Intervalue Corporation
Office Phone: +81-3-6914-5272
Address: 6-4-15-302 Sakuradai Nerima-ku Tokyo, Japan 176-0002